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Bioprocess Engineering

What's it about?

Many medicines are obtained from biological sources - their production requires process engineering and an understanding of biology.

Bioprocess Engineering is about using biology for cleaner and more effective manufacturing processes, and for the design of better products

  • Detergents
  • Confectionary and Ice Cream
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Vitamins
  • Cheese
  • Clean water

Technology includes:

  • Fermentation
  • Separation

Bioprocess Engineering at Canterbury

If you are interested in biochemistry, microbiology, or molecular biology, and also in engineering, then our BE programme in Bioprocess Engineering could be for you.

Our current programme enables you to study for a top-quality degree in Chemical and Process Engineering while at the same time giving you the opportunity to specialise in subjects and projects with a major biological emphasis and content. You can obtain a fully accredited engineering degree with a biological theme!

There is a rapidly increasing demand for engineering graduates with an appreciation and knowledge of the biological sciences. The manufacture of many pharmaceutical products, healthcare products, medicines, vaccines, and new material rely upon the application of biology to industrial processes.

Examples include:

  • Bio-polymers - new plastics which are biodegradeable and which are manufactured from natural renewable resources
  • Enzymes - natural catalysts, operating at room temperature, which are used in industrial processing of oils and fats, in new organic reactions, and for environmental processes.
  • Anti-Cancer drugs - new enzyme inhibitors and cytotoxic compounds developed from natural sources through new bio-organic chemistry and clever process engineering
  • Enhanced biological waste treatment processes for dirty water, odour removal, and gas cleaning
  • Production of sustainable fuels such as bioethanol or biodiesel

Project topics include

Design Penicillin production; Blood Separation and Processing; Production of Chiral Pharmacuetical Molecules; Vitamin Production; Design of a Brewery; Biological Waste-Water Treatment Plant, Enzymatic Conversion of Natural Oils; Insulin Production; Lactic Acid.

Research Biofiltration; Microbial Cellulose Production; Enzyme and Cell Preservatives; Membrane Separation; Whole Broth Extraction. Polymer modification of Proteins; Recombinant Production of Self Assembling Peptides.


guiness Guinness Stout - How do they achieve the head on each and every pint?

Monoclonal Antibodies

  • anti cancer
  • anaemia
Monoclonal Antibodies
mars bars The manufacture of chocolate confectionary involves some very challenging process engineering!!
One of the oldest products of bioprocess engineering - Scotch Whisky - the world's largest selling branded spirit. scotch whisky

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