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Undergraduate Advice

The Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Programme

The regulations for the Chemical and Process Engineering undergraduate courses are given in the University Calendar.

Postgraduate Advice

Programme of Study

The postgraduate awards offered in the Department are the Diploma in Engineering, Master of Engineering and Doctor of Philosophy.

The doctorate is awarded on the basis of a thesis incorporating the results of research over a period of at least two years. The average time is about three years.

The requirements for the masters degree are flexible, ranging from mixed course work and research project (with varying weights to course work and research) to a wholly research degree based only on a thesis. Courses are chosen in consultation with the supervisor and head of the department from the  range of courses offered by the University. The courses available may vary from year to year. The masterate requires a minimum study time of one year.

Postgraduate Research Projects Offered

Administration and Enrolment

Students with degrees from universities other than the University of Canterbury must first obtain permission to enrol (admission ad-eundem) before being allowed to enrol for a postgraduate degree course. This requires the submission of a completed application form and supporting papers to the University, details of which may be obtained from the Registry or the Department.

It is important to be aware that admission to this Department as a postgraduate student is dependent not only on the candidate's academic level and command of English, but also on the availability of a supervisor in the candidate's area of interest. The area of interest must therefore be clearly specified by the candidate when applying for admission.

Applications for Admission

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