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Dr Ian Gilmour

Mr Ian Gilmour


Retired Senior Lecturer


ME CEng, MIChemE



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Department of Chemical and Process Engineering 
University of Canterbury
Private Bag 4800
New Zealand


Ian Gilmour has research interests in the efficient utilisation of fuels and biomass residues as energy sources for the process industries and process modelling for the pulp and paper industry. From 1981, he served a three year contract with the Department of Minerals and Energy in Papua New Guinea as an adviser to government and industry on energy projects. Since his return to the University in 1984, he has consulted for World Bank, the governments of Papua New Guinea and Kenya on matters relating to fuel substitution and energy efficiency.

Undergraduate Courses

Graduate Courses

ENCH 621 Fundamentals for Sustainable Processing

Thesis Supervision

Jock W Brown (ME 2005-6)

Research Interests

Flue Gas Cleaning
Various technologies are being investigated and evaluated for the removal of noxious emissions from the flue gas of conventional solid fuel boilers. Removal of SOx, NOx, HCs, particulates and separation of C02 are being researched.

Energy Efficiency
Pinch technology is being applied to various industries for identifying best integrated designs of heat exchanger networks and power systems which will lead to lower costs. Studies have been done for a dairy processing plant and a distillery.

Energy from Biomass
New emerging technology for the conversion of biomass to energy is being investigated with the aim of producing clean liquid gaseous fuels from biomass for use in gas turbines. Gasification of wood in a fluidized bed gasifier is being studied in support of a wider programme on power generation from wood, based on a BIGCC system. This programme is being supported by a PGSF grant for four years from 2004. Sustainability and the use of renewable fuels are key factors driving this research.

Biomass Extractives
Research on utilization on bark waste from timber processing evolved into recovery of high value antioxidants from pine bark. A new extractive process and clinical trials led to full-scale commercial production of a health supplement called ENZogenol.

Postgraduate Research Projects Offered for 2008

Department Administration

  • Director of Studies for Second Professional Year Students
  • Practical work committee representative
  • First Professional Laboratories Co-coordinator
  • Board of Directors, Centre for Advanced Engineering

Recent Publications

Conference Publications
Allen, R.M., Mackenzie, J.G., Gilmour, I.A. (1997). "Computer simulation in Chemical Engineering education - the Amoco resid hydrotreater process." Rotorua, New Zealand: 25th Australia New Zealand Chemical Engineering Conference and Exhibition. 28 September - 1st October 1997.

Allen, R.M., Mackenzie, J.G., Gilmour, I.A. (1997). "Teaching Problem Solving Skills in Engineering Design". Wellington, New Zealand: IPENZ Annual Conference, 6th - 10th February 1997.

Gilmour, I.A., Robertson, L.J., de Vries, W., Young, G.A.D. (1998). "Cogeneration Spreadsheet Simulator". Cancun, Mexico. IASTED International Conference of Computers and Advanced Technology in Education. 27 - 30 May 1998.

Allen, R.M., Earl, W.B., Gilmour, I.A., Mackenzie, J.G. (1998). "Computer Simulation in Chemical Engineering". Cancun, Mexico. IASTED International Conference of Computers and Advanced Technology in Education. 27 - 30 May 1998.

Gilmour, I.A., Cave, I., Jones, R.J. (1999) "A Smokeless Wood Burning Domestic Heater Evaluation of Performance and Emissions". Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Technologies and Combustion for a Clean Environment. Vol 3, Paper #361, 12 - 15 July 1999.

Senthilmohan, S., Ecroyd, H., Gilmour, I.A. (2002). "Enzymatic and Chemical Conversion of Mushroom Fibre Chitin into Chitosan". Christchurch: 9th APPChE and Chemeca Conference Proceedings. 29/09/2002

Journal Articles
Gilmour, I.A., Renter, M.M., Arnoux, L. (1997). "Biomass-oil slurry fuels: An investigation into their preparation and formulation." Journal of Biomass and Bioenergy. 2, 253 - 61.

Mackenzie, J.G., Allen, R.M., Earl, W.B., Gilmour, I.A. (1999). "Teaching Problem Solving Skills in Engineering Design." Chemical Engineering Education. 150 - 153.

Kevin Duncan and Ian Gilmour. (1997). Patent on "Process for Extraction of Proanthocyanadins from Botanical Material." USA patent and PCT patents in other countries.

Self-sufficient Wood Burning System, provisional patent, sole inventor, May 2000.

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