Recent Postgraduate Research - Chemical and Process Engineering - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Recent Postgraduate Research


  • Reactions and kinetics and catalytic effect of blended coal and biomass in co-gasification
    Simon Zhang (2011)
  • Modelling the culture of shear-sensitive cells in a mixing tank using CFD
    Harminder Singh (2011)
  • Wood drying condensate treatment using a bio-trickling filter chips as a support media.
    Arie Kristiono (2011)
  • Improved hydrogen production from biomass gasifiction in a dual fluidised bed reactor.
    Hamish McKinnon (2010)
  • Properties and distortion of douglas-fir with comparison to radiata pine
    Eric Wang (2010)
  • A scalable method for theproduction of pH responsive polyamide microcapsules for drug delivery.
    William Kelton (2008)
  • CFD modelling of sweage sludge vitrification.
    David Walker (2008)
  • Performance improvements to a fast internally circulating fluidized bed biomass gasifier for combined heat and power plants.
    Douglas Bull (2008)


  • Hydrodynamic investigation of a dual fluidized bed
    Mook Tzeng Lim (2012)
  • A new gas cleaning system for the removal of tars from biomass gasification producer gas for gas application in internal combustion engines
    Gershom Mwandila (2011)
  • Applications of Maxwell-Stefan equation to diffusion in gels
    Kang Lu (2011)
  • Optimal Firing Control of Recovery Boilers.
    Sunday Alabi (2011)
  • Production of microbobial cellulose compositers in-situ using rotating biological contractors.
    Seema Dean (2011)
  • Ionic liquid extraction of wood cellulose and application of the extracted cellulose for composites.
    Andre Pinkert (2011)
  • Novel separation, isolation and purification of biopolymers from cereals that are low in gluten.
    Rebecca MacDonald (2011)
  • Extraction of high-value minor proteins from milk
    Jaganmohan Billakanti (2010)
  • Solid-Phase Protein PEGYlation: Achieving mono PEGYlation through molecular tethering
    Vinod Damodaran (2010)
  • Dimensional stability of wood through different modification treatments
    Manoj Babu Dubey (2010)
  • Pyrolysis of waste plastics into fuels
    Feng Gao (2010)
  • Mixed matrix membrane chromatography for bovine whey protein fractionation
    Syed M. Saufi Tuan Chik (2010)
  • Studies on the dissociation of gas hydrates formed from gas mixtures and on methane uptake in semi-clathrate hydrates.
    Thomas Hughes (2008)
  • The study of liquid/vapour interaction inside a falling film evaporator int he dairy industry.
    Nathan Bushnell (2008)
  • The continuous degradation of air phase contaiminants by unsaturated biofilms.
    Abraham Beuger (2008)

Some current theses in progress: PhD

  • Diandree Padayachee Development of electrocatalysts for direct glycerol fuel cells
  • Jan Hongrapipat Synthetic gas production from biomass steam gasification in the dual fluidised bed biomass gasifier
  • Neha Chandrasekaran Bio-inspired Adhesive Peptides for Stainless Steel Functionalization
  • Prasanth Gopalakrishnan Modelling of integrated energy production processes with woody biomass gasification asification.
  • John Stevenson Study and development of a digitally based optimal state space/fuzzy logic control system for Department's existing glass distillation column.
  • Swaminathan Detchanamurthy Impact of different matabolic uncouplers on the specific degradation rate of toluene in a plug flow biofiltration reactor.
  • Christopher Penniall Reactor and catalyst development for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis of biomass gasification syngas to liquid fuels applicable to the NZ wood processing industry.
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